Single vs. Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators

Sep 1, 2020

Do you often find yourself stuck in a position of indecision between two options? We’re talking about single zone versus dual zone wine refrigerators. When it comes to choosing a wine refrigerator, you want to choose one that will be there for you until the end, but which one is your perfect match? We’re here to give you all the important notes, so you can invest in the perfect wine storage for your collection. 

What are wine refrigerator zones? 

Zones in a wine refrigerator refer to the number of independently temperature-controlled areas, or zones, in one wine refrigerator. 

Why would you need multiple zones? 

A dual-zone or multi-zone refrigerator allows you to store your wines at different temperatures within the same unit. This saves you space but also allows you to customize your temperature storage for your collection. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Single Zone vs. Dual Zone wine refrigerators? 

Single Zone - Pros

  • Technically, all wines can be preserved at around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and if you plan on only preserving or cellaring your wine collection, a single zone wine refrigerator can work. 
  • Also, if your collection consists of mostly only red or only white wines, a single zone wine refrigerator will work for your storage needs
  • Single Zone wine refrigerators are simpler and easier to maintain because they contain fewer components.
  • A more affordable option, best for beginner wine collectors

Single Zone - Cons 

  • All your wines must be stored at the same temperature.
  • You will need a very precise temperature for preserving older wines but this may not be the temperature you want to serve your wines at.
  • Can include a smaller temperature range 

Dual Zone Pros 

  • You can preserve both red and white wines at their ideal temperatures in the same unit,  saving you space. 
  • You can also store all of your wines for serving and wines for preservation in the same unit, saving you space. 
  • Often include a wider temperature range, which allows you to really customize your wine storage solution. 

Dual Zone Cons

  • Since they involve more parts for each of the independent temperature zones, dual zone refrigerators require slightly more maintenance. 
  • These units tend to cost more but they have more features and capabilities for temperature control that can preserve expensive and vintage wines. 

Making the ultimate decision

It ultimately comes down to what wines are you storing, are you storing them to serve or preserve, and how precise you need your temperature control to be. A beginning wine collector may just need any temperature-controlled storage, in that case, an affordable single zone refrigerator will suffice. However, if you require more precise temperatures to preserve or serve your wines, a dual zone wine refrigerator is essential. We also highly recommend looking into our precise temperature control technology, Tru-Vino, to ensure next to zero temperature fluctuation. Learn more about Tru-Vino Technology here

We have a team of experts to help you select your perfect wine storage solution. Contact our experts at 888-980-4809 to learn more about single and dual zone wine refrigerators. 

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