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About Allavino

A family-run business since 1997

Refining Wine Preservation

Redefining Perfection

Renowned for our luxury wine refrigerators, Allavino has been praised among wine industry experts as one of the most innovative and reliable brands on the market. Engineered with the latest temperature-control technology and unique shelving innovations, Allavino wine refrigerators are beloved for their versatility and quality.

Experienced with Elegance

Wine bottles bathed in cool blue light within a wine refrigerator
A UV-blocking glass door, framed by attractive and durable stainless steel

Proven Quality

Allavino has been featured in prestigious publications, such as Wine & Food Magazine, and is touted as offering one of the quietest wine refrigerators on the market with virtually zero temperature fluctuations. 

The Allavino Difference

Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient LED lighting shines on your treasured collection, producing very little heat. Vibrant multicolor options are available as well in our Reserva series.

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Flexcount Shelving

Wine bottles come in all sizes, so we created a unique shelf design that's thin, lightweight, and versatile. Every bottle has a place in your collection.

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Tru-Vino Technology

We pay close attention to performance, and to this end we developed a precise cooling system that cools with virtually no temperature fluctuations.

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Cooling without Compromise

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