3Z-VSWR30 Documents

Learn about the two models of wine cooler that make up the 3Z-VSWR30-S20 with these documents.

VSWR30-1 Manual

Product manual for the VSWR30-1

A manual for the VSWR30-1 Download Manual

VSWR30-1 Energy Guide

Energy usage guide for VSWR30-1 coolers

The energy guide for VSWR30-1 series wine fridges Download Energy Guide

VSWR30-1 Parts Diagram

Part numbers included in the VSWR30-1

A diagram of the parts included in the VSWR30-1 Download Parts Diagram

VSWR30-2 Manual

The manual for VSWR30-2 series coolers

A product manual for the VSWR30-2 Download Manual

VSWR30-2 Energy Guide

The energy guide for VSWR30-2

Energy guide for VSWR30-2 Download Energy Guide

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