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Allavino VSW6771S-1BR wine refrigerator
Allavino Reserva VSW6771S-1BR Features
Allavino VSW6771S-1BR Features
Allavino Reserva VSW6771S-1B 9 LED Light Color Options
Allavino VSBCW34FD-2S Tru-Vino Technology
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Allavino VSBCW34FD-2S FlexCount Details
Allavino Reserva VSW6771S-1BR shallow depth wine refrigerator
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Reserva Series 67 Bottle 71" Tall Single Zone Right Hinge Black Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console


Reserva Series 67 Bottle 71" Tall Single Zone Right Hinge Black Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console

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  • series icon Feature-rich Reserva coolers maximize your space
  • dimension icon 23.5" W × 71.5" H × 16.8" D
  • lighting icon Customizable multi-color LED lighting
  • capacity icon Holds up to 67 bottles* on 14 shelves
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The VSW6771S-1BR stores up to 67 standard bottles behind an attractive black metal door. The specially-coated glass blocks damaging UV rays from affecting your wine. While allowing the bottles inside to be clearly seen. The lighting inside is customizable, able to be switched to one of 7 colors or set to cycle through all. Store any type of wine at their preferred temperature, and the Tru-Vino technology inside will hold the temperature steady at your chosen thermostat setting.

VSW6771S-1BR Allavino Reserva Series Wine Refrigerator

Feature Highlights

A cool-lit home interior with an attractive wine cooler

Stylish Built-In Design

This wine refrigerator can be built into your cabinetry to provide an elegant storage solution that will look great in any room of your home. This unit is front-venting, and can be built in to your cabinetry for a seamless look. It also has finished sides and top, allowing you to use it as a freestanding unit that will look great in any room of your home.

Elegant Black Glass Frame Door

Elegant protective black glass frames the door of this cooler, and allows a clear view of the wines inside. The double-paned glass sandwiches inert gas that insulates the interior, keeping damaging heat away from your collection. A low-emissivity coating on the panes prevents UV light from getting inside as well.

Vibrant violet light emanates from the open door of a wine cooler

Multicolor Moods

This unit is equipped with RGB lighting, which allows you to set the color to one of 7 hue options depending on your mood. Hosting a party? Set the wine fridge to multicolor mode, and it will shift hypnotically between the various colors. The lights are LED, meaning that they use less energy and generate less heat that can damage delicate wine vintages.

A row of wine bottles beneath their digital thermostat controls

Choose Your Ideal Temperature

The unit's digital control panel allows the temperature in each zone to be precisely set between 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit (5-20°C). Physical buttons make it effortless to adjust should your wine storage goals change later on, and an easy-to-read backlit display means no guesswork about the state of your collection.

Tru-Vino Cooling Technology

Energy efficient Tru-Vino Cooling Technology delivers precise temperature control with low vibrations and ultra-quiet operation. Set your desired temperature, and the systems within your wine cooler will constantly monitor the internal temperature to adjust cooling power and maintain conditions with little fluctuation.

Store Special Bottles with FlexCount

You don't need to worry about acquiring large or oddly-shaped bottles when your fridge is full of FlexCount shelving. Specialized dips in the wood slats hold a variety of bottle shapes, and the metal frame holds a large amount of weight without sagging. Wood slats refine each shelf and cradle every bottle with the utmost care.


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