Capacity and Why We Love a Side-By-Side Wine Refrigerator For A Growing Collection

Nov 23, 2020

It just starts with one wine at a time but soon, you find yourself with an actual wine collection. What then? Well, you'll need a proper storage system that will accommodate your growing collection. With a big investment, like a wine refrigerator, there are many major factors to consider. One of the most important factors is capacity and judging how much capacity you may need for your collection.

What is your current collection?

The first thing to consider is what your current collection is already at. This will help you determine a baseline and the very minimum capacity you will need.

What is your growth rate?

What is your growth rate?

In order to determine the capacity you will need your wine refrigerator to have, you will need to consider your rate of growth. Are you purchasing more than 5 bottles a month? Are you drinking any of the bottles every month?

Here's an easy way to approximate the capacity you'll need for your growing collection.

Bottles Purchased per month(x 2) + Current Collection - Bottles Consumed per month = Approximate Capacity You'll Need


Purchased per month: 5 (multiply this by 2)

Current Collection: 30

Bottles Consumed per month: 2

5(2) + 30 - 2 = 32 Bottle Capacity

You will need approximately a 32 Bottle or higher wine refrigerator to suit your growing wine collection.

Keep in mind, if you join a wine club or if you love to shop big wine sales, you may need to account for those surges in bottles. In this case, you may need to add 5 to 10 bottles to your capacity.

What is the purpose of your wine refrigerator?

What is the purpose of your wine refrigerator?

Are you intending on storing wines for serving or cellaring? Maybe it's both. If you are only planning on cellaring your wines, which means you will be rarely drinking your bottle, you will need a refrigerator with a high capacity. If you're storing wines for serving, it will depend on your rate of consumption versus purchasing, but you will most likely need a low to medium capacity. Finally, if you need a wine refrigerator to serve both purposes, you will want to consider something with a medium to high capacity with potentially two zones. Learn more about Single Zone versus Dual Zone wine refrigerators here.

Why side-by-side wine refrigerators for a growing collection?

One of the wine refrigerator styles we often recommend for both serving and cellaring is a side-by-side wine refrigerator. These often dual zone wine refrigerators are more compact and suitable to a wide range of locations in your home or business. The French doors allow you to access one zone at a time, preventing your other wines from being affected by an open refrigerator that will cause a temperature change. We discuss the importance of consistent temperatures when storing wine in our article here.

The independent temperature control for each side of the wine refrigerator, allows you to customize your ideal temperature for each zone depending on the purpose of your storage. Use one side for preserving and one side for serving or use one side for red wines and the other side for white wines. For the serious wine collector, you can get a side-by-side unit with four temperature zones! This configuration is versatile and allows you to store it all to your specifications!

As your collection grows, side-by-side wine refrigerators help you organize, track your preservation process, and allow a growing collection to continue to grow. They are an elegant solution for displaying, preserving, and collecting wines. If you have additional questions about side-by-side wine refrigerators or how to choose a wine refrigerator, contact our product experts at 800-710-9939.

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