tru-vino compressor
Wine Refrigerator - Door Open
Digital Display and Controls
Rack Out
Black Towel Bar Handle
Built-In Door Lock
top rack out
Sturdy Wood Shelves
Fit 15 Bottles in the Grooves
Fits Another 13 Bottles on Top
Allavino Bottle Count Estimate
Freestanding Use
YHWR305-1BL20 Dimensions

32" Wide Vite II Tru-Vino 277 Bottle Single Zone Black Left Hinge Wine Refrigerator


32" Wide Vite II Tru-Vino 277 Bottle Single Zone Black Left Hinge Wine Refrigerator

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  • series icon Spacious Vite coolers are suited for large collections
  • dimension icon 31.5" W × 78.5" H × 27.5" D
  • hardware icon Black door mounted on left hinge
  • capacity icon Holds up to 277 bottles* on 11 shelves
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The Allavino Vite II YHWR305-1BL20 Wine Refrigerator is a tall freestanding unit which holds up to 277 bottles in elegant style. Large collections of fine wines are stored securely thanks to the products innovations at Allavino. The Tru-Vino control system allows you to conveniently set and forget the temperature inside, keeping your bottles steady in the ideal conditions with adaptive cooling technology. The hardwood shelving within is adjustable and removable, letting you customize your storage arrangement and access your collection with glide-out drawers.

YHWR305-1BR20 Features

Feature Highlights

Digital Temperature Control

A convenient and easy-to-use digital control panel with physical buttons allows you to precisely set the temperature between 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit (5-20°C) to keep your wine stored at the ideal temperature. Set it and forget it, knowing that the powerful compressor in your Allavino wine cooler is working around the clock to keep things cool.

Easy roll-out shelves

Easy Rolling Hardwood Shelves

Durable shelves glide out easily on ball-bearing tracks, affording you quick access to your entire collection. Thin metal racks with slotted venting allow thorough airflow while simultaneously preventing sagging. The innovative racking system was designed specifically to accommodate varying bottle sizes.

Internal fans circulate air inside the unit

Active Circulation Cooling

There's no need to worry whether your wines will be properly chilled with Allavino. Our fan-forced refrigeration systems circulate cool air from the compressor throughout the entire cabinet, quickly and evenly cooling the bottles within. This active cooling action helps prevent temperature swings that could create hotspots within the cooler.

A hex key lock on a wine cooler door

Locking Insulated Glass Door

The UV-protected, argon filled, double pane thermal insulated glass keeps harmful light away from your wine and provides maximum insulation and viewing capabilities. The built-in key lock keeps your collection secure. Two keys are provided so you will have a back-up. Two handles are also provided with this unit, one in a towel bar handle style and one in a curved handle style, so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. A magnetic gasket is provided to ensure a tight seal.

Soothing blue light spilling over dark glass bottles

Blue LED Interior Lighting

At the push of a button, you can activate cool blue lighting to elegantly illuminate your collection. These lights are cooler than standard lighting, preventing harmful hot spots from forming. LEDs are more energy-efficient as well, reducing the cost of energy your cooler consumes as it protects your wines.


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