47" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 112 Bottle Dual Zone Black Side-by-Side Wine Refrigerator

SKU: BF 2X-VSWR56-1B20
2X-VSWR56-1B20 Features
Tru-Vino Cooling Technology
Glide-Out Wine Rack Shelves
Allavino 2X-VSWR56-1B20 Cooler
Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
bottle capacity diagram
Digital Display and Controls
Wooden Shelf Fronts and Slats
Independently Controlled Zones
112 Wine Bottle Capacity
Extended Racks - Empty
Extended Racks - Full
Black Towel Bar Handles
Built-In Door Lock
Built-In or Freestanding Use
2X-VSWR56-1B20 Dimensions

47" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 112 Bottle Dual Zone Black Side-by-Side Wine Refrigerator

SKU: BF 2X-VSWR56-1B20
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  • series icon Versatile, quality FlexCount shelves fit most bottles
  • dimension icon 46.8" W × 33.9" H × 23.6" D
  • hardware icon Black french doors mounted on opposing hinges
  • zone icon Dual cooling zones with independent digital controls
  • capacity icon Holds up to 112 bottles* on 12 shelves
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The Allavino FlexCount II 2X-VSWR56-1B20 Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Tru-Vino Temperature Control Technology makes it easy to store up to 112 wine bottles of various sizes, and can be used as a stylish freestanding unit or built into your cabinetry for seamless wine storage. This unit is made up of two single zone wine refrigerators with opposite hinges placed size by side.

Protect and preserve your wine collection with the latest innovation in wine storage technology by Allavino. Precisely set your desired temperature with the easy-to-use digital control panels and trust in Tru-Vino Temperature Control Technology to protect your collection through consistent temperature maintenance.

Allavino's exclusive FlexCount wine racking technology cradles bottles and is designed with vibration-reduction technology to protect aging wines. This unique shelving design allows for ultimate flexibility and versatility when it comes to storing a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. Smooth gliding shelves allow for easy access to your collection without disrupting the delicate wine maturation process.

Allavino FlexCount II 2X-VSWR56-1B20

Tru-Vino Cooling Technology

Energy efficient Tru-Vino Cooling Technology delivers precise temperature control with low vibrations and ultra-quiet operation. Set your desired temperature, and the systems within your wine cooler will constantly monitor the internal temperature to adjust cooling power and maintain conditions with little fluctuation.

Flexcount shelves ready to securely store a variety of wines

The Top-Shelf Wine Storage Solution

We know that a good collection has more variety than the standard bottle size, so we created FlexCount to make sure that every wine has a place in our coolers. A sturdy metal base in each shelf prevents sagging, and specially-designed wood slats cradle wine bottles of most shapes and sizes. Even large champagne bottles fit inside with little issue.

A luxuriously spacious wine cooler integrated into a modern kitchen

Built-In Design

The wine refrigerator has a versatile design that gives you the freedom to build it into your cabinetry or use it as a freestanding unit in any room of your home. A vent located in the front bottom allows the cooler to operate whether or not it is nestled cleanly into stylish cabinetry or standing proudly in the center of a space.

Internal fans circulate air inside the unit

Forced Air Cooling

The fans within our fridges actively circulate cold air from the compressor, evenly distributing their cooling power among the bottles inside. This helps cool down new wines quickly and keeps existing wines at a steady temperature without warm spots that could compromise the quality of precious aged wines.

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