Allavino KWR102S-1BGR
Allavino KWR102S-1BGR angled view door open
Allavino KWR102S-1BGR angled view
Digital Display and Controls
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Forced fan cooling
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Allavino KWR102S-1BGR front view door open
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Contemporary 102 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator with Black Glass Door


Contemporary 102 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator with Black Glass Door

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  • series icon Elegant and compact storage from the Cascina series
  • dimension icon 21.5" W × 49.75" H × 22.75" D
  • hardware icon Black door mounted on right hinge
  • capacity icon Holds up to 102 bottles* on 6 shelves
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The Allavino KWR102S-1BGR Contemporary Wine Refrigerator is a stylish freestanding unit that can hold up to 102 bottles. It features digital touchscreen controls with a bright LED temperature display. The wide temperature range allows you to set it low enough to store white wine at serving temperature, or high enough for long term storage of red wine, depending on the needs of your collection. The external temperature display lets you view the set temperature without having to open the door and disturb your wine. Each of the 5 wire shelves can support the weight of up to 16 regular size bottles stored flat, with additional space in the top and bottom. The racks can be removed or adjusted to accommodate larger bottles, so you are not limited in the types of bottles you can store. Seamless black glass frame doors showcase an elegant and clean profile while also resisting visible fingerprints, and tinted LowE glass protects your wine from the harmful effects of UV light. Cool blue light beautifully illuminates the interior, making finding the perfect bottle fast and easy. The lights emit much less heat than an incandescent bulb which means they can be left on to showcase your collection without creating a harmful hot spot that could affect your wine bottles. The brightness level can be adjusted in 20% increments.

Feature Highlights

Black coated wire shelving

Metal Wire Shelves

Sturdy heavy-gauge wire construction shelves hold your collection in place without any sagging. A sleek black PVC coating makes the metal rust-proof and continues the elegant all-black interior of the appliance. Shelf positions are adjustable to accomodate whatever number and arrangement of bottles you need.

Internal fans circulate air inside the unit

Active Fan Cooling

Damaging heat has a hard time building up inside of our wine coolers, which use forced air circulation to keep things moving inside. Not only does this keep a more even temperature, but it distributes cooling power more quickly to the bottles inside of the cabinet. Whether you place a bottle on the top or bottom rack of the cooling zone, you can expect it to quickly and evenly drop in temperature to match.

A row of wine bottles beneath their digital thermostat controls

Choose Your Ideal Temperature

The unit's digital control panel allows the temperature in each zone to be precisely set between 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit (5-20°C). Physical buttons make it effortless to adjust should your wine storage goals change later on, and an easy-to-read backlit display means no guesswork about the state of your collection.

A handsome black wine fridge compliments a stylish red kitchen

Stylish Dark Glass Door

The doors of this cooler come in a handsome black metal, with panes of dark-tinted glass. The tinted coating on the glass resists fingerprints and blocks UV light from damaging the sensitive wines inside. The clean black design fits well with almost any decor while keeping things safe and cool within.

Wine bottles bathed in cool blue light within a wine refrigerator

Blue Interior LED Lights

The contents of the cabinet can be cast in cool blue light at the push of a button. The lights are LED for energy-efficiency and minimal heat emission. Easily find the specific bottle you're looking for or leave the light on to elegantly display your collection and monitor when it's time to buy more wine!


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