Allavino Reserva 3Z-VSW6771 LED Shallow Wine Refrigerator
a stylish Allavino cooler in a modern home
Allavino Reserva VSW6771S-1BL LED Shallow Wine Refrigerator Features
Allavino Reserva 3Z-VSW6771 Shallow Wine Refrigerator features
Allavino Reserva VSW6771S-1BL Wine Refrigerator LED Lights
Allavino VSBCW34FD-2S Tru-Vino Technology
Allavino Reserva VSWQ6771S-1BL FlexCount Shelves
Allavino VSBCW34FD-2S FlexCount Details
Allavino Reserva 3Z-VSW6771 LED Shallow Wine Refrigerator
Allavino Reserva 3Z-VSW6771 LED Shallow Wine Refrigerator

Reserva Series 134 Bottle 71" Tall Three Zone Black Side-by-Side Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console

SKU: BF 3Z-VSW6771

Reserva Series 134 Bottle 71" Tall Three Zone Black Side-by-Side Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console

SKU: BF 3Z-VSW6771
Regular price $3,644.55
  • series icon Feature-rich Reserva coolers maximize your space
  • dimension icon 47.0" W × 71.5" H × 16.8" D
  • lighting icon Customizable multi-color LED lighting
  • zone icon Triple cooling zones with independent digital controls
  • capacity icon Holds up to 134 bottles* on 28 shelves
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Allavino's 3Z-VSW6771 Reserva Series 71" Tall Three Zone Black Side-by-Side Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console with Tru-Vino Temperature Control Technology is made up of one single zone wine refrigerator and one dual zone wine refrigerator placed side by side. It gives you flexible storage options for a diverse collection of up to 134 wine bottles.

VSW6771S-1BR Allavino Reserva Series Wine Refrigerator

Feature Highlights

An Allavino Reserva series wine fridge fits neatly under the counter of an attractive modern kitchen

A Fridge that Fits Right In

For those who are looking to conserve space and create a harmonious look for their living space, this fridge is designed to be built into cabinetry. Front-facing vents allow the fridge to be surrounded on the sides and top without losing cooling efficiency. If you prefer your wine fridge to stand on its own however, then the finished metal panels will look great from any angle.

A handsome black wine fridge compliments a stylish red kitchen

Stylish Dark Glass Door

The doors of this cooler come in a handsome black metal, with panes of dark-tinted glass. The tinted coating on the glass resists fingerprints and blocks UV light from damaging the sensitive wines inside. The clean black design fits well with almost any decor while keeping things safe and cool within.

Vibrant LED lighting illuminates rows of wine bottles

Customizable Lighting

The customizable LED lighting allows you to choose from 7 color options and 5 brightness levels. A special mode is also available that cycles through the colors slowly for a pleasing spectral effect. Unlike incandescent lighting, LED lighting lasts for years and does not give off concentrated heat that can damage your wine.

A clear digital display with user friendly push button controls

Introducing Tru-Vino Technology

Temperature control is a pinnacle factor in the long-term preservation of wine, and Tru-Vino cooling technology provides the most consistent and constant temperature control of any wine refrigerator on the market. The refrigeration systems slowly and consistently release cool air to reach the ideal temperature, and slowly stop the release of cool air when the temperature is reached. Due to the gradual and constant cooling system, this draws less energy than industry-standard units.

Flexcount shelves ready to securely store a variety of wines

The Top-Shelf Wine Storage Solution

We know that a good collection has more variety than the standard bottle size, so we created FlexCount to make sure that every wine has a place in our coolers. A sturdy metal base in each shelf prevents sagging, and specially-designed wood slats cradle wine bottles of most shapes and sizes. Even large champagne bottles fit inside with little issue.


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