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Allavino VSW6771D-2BL Features
Allavino VSW6771D-2BL Features
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Allavino Reserva VSW6771D-2BL shallow depth wine refrigerator
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Reserva Series 67 Bottle 71" Tall Dual Zone Left Hinge Black Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console


Reserva Series 67 Bottle 71" Tall Dual Zone Left Hinge Black Shallow Wine Refrigerator Console

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  • series icon Feature-rich Reserva coolers maximize your space
  • dimension icon 23.5" W × 71.5" H × 16.8" D
  • lighting icon Customizable multi-color LED lighting
  • capacity icon Holds up to 67 bottles* on 14 shelves
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The spacious VSW6771D-2BL can store an assortment of wine, up to 67 standard bottles. Two independently controlled temperature zones inside allow you to store both red and white wines at different temperatures. Tru-Vino technology inside keeps wine steady at your chosen thermostat temperature with few fluctuations. Customizable lighting allows you to change the color of the lighing inside to whichever hue you prefer.

VSW6771D-2BL Allavino Reserva Series Wine Refrigerator

Feature Highlights

A temperature zone divider provides separate controls for two different groups of wine bottles

Digital Temperature Zone Control

Two independently controlled temperature zones allow you to store both red and white wines at different temperatures. The easily-readable temperature display has physical buttons to make temperature adjustments easy. The wine storage racks feature wood slats that allow cool air to flow freely around bottles, ensuring fast and even cooling.

A cool-lit home interior with an attractive wine cooler

Black-Framed Glass Doors

The glass in the doors of our fridges has a low-emissivity coating which blocks harmful UV rays that might otherwise damage delicate wines. The glass is surrounded by a seamless black metal frame that gives the cooler a touch of elegance and style. The clean look is sure to fit in well amongst any style of home decor.

Emerald green light reflects off of the metal of a fridge shelf

Colorful Custom Lighting

Selectable RGB lighting provides a pop of bright color to match your living space! Choose from seven color options and dim the lights to one of five brightness levels. When it comes time for a fun party, choose the color shift mode to make your wine fridge slowly fade between the full spectrum of different lighting colors.

A stainless steel wine fridge with temperature zone controls

Digital Control Panel

The digital control panel allows you to precisely set the temperature between 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (5-20°C) to store your wines at their ideal temperature. The bright and readable display makes setting adjustments a snap, should you ever decide to store a different variety of wine or beverage.

Tru-Vino Cooling Technology

Energy efficient Tru-Vino Cooling Technology delivers precise temperature control with low vibrations and ultra-quiet operation. Set your desired temperature, and the systems within your wine cooler will constantly monitor the internal temperature to adjust cooling power and maintain conditions with little fluctuation.

Flexcount shelves ready to securely store a variety of wines

Store Securely with Flexcount

Here at Allavino we know that stability is the key to aging fine wines. To keep bottles safe and secure in storage, we developed the Flexcount shelf design. The metal frame prevents sagging while wooden slats hold bottles stable. The shelves roll out on ball bearing tracks, keeping them still and undisturbed as you pull the drawers out to browse.


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